There are many stories in Twin Peaks — some of them are sad, some funny. Some of them are stories of madness, of violence. Some are ordinary. Yet they all have about them a sense of mystery — the mystery of life. Sometimes, the mystery of death. The mystery of the woods. The woods surrounding Twin Peaks.

 - day man

Day man (ah-ah-ah) 
Fighter of the night man (ah-ah-ah)
Champion of the sun (ah-ah-ah)
You're a master of karate 
and friendship 
for everyone


me: *petting a cat* nice

cat: *bathes self where i touched it*

me: image


frontside boardslime

the shirt i got from etsy is a bit small and it makes me look super chunky but i’m in love w/ the pattern hrrggg

NASA. Space Suit Tests. 1960s.


Devo, The Bottom Line, NYC, October 1978, by Michael Eivaz

Photo by Jeffrey Mayer

tomorrow i’m wearing my most comfortable clothes to school because i’m probably going to be sitting in the library for like 4 hours writing this paper i was supposed to start 4 hours ago


delightful // dan woodger for LINE DECO


the saga of triangle man

i’m starting to get emails about nanowrimo again which is making me ask myself… am i gonna do nanowrimo again