pinkmaned i’ve had the queeblo song stuck in my head aaaaall daaayyy


new hat

"Don’t dream it, be it."

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975)

lets play fake or real. reblog this post with a comment or image and i will tell you if its fake or real




this is a real caterpillar but its been photoshopped to have a smaller waist and rounder backside in order to cater to the male gaze

well i think i walked like 10 miles today all over philly so i’m TIRED i’m going 2 bed


for everyone

this big ole mayfly thing is buzzin around my room rn and i hate it but i also hate killing critters it is a conflict :( :( :(

thats why i prefer to berate them from afar

me, seeing a bug crawling on my wall: uhhhhhh, fuck you.... asshole

i’ve never really listened to the grateful dead but if their thing is skeletons and roses like shit dude count me the fuck in

dID U DRAW THAT??????????

PPFFFT no i googled it bc i wanted to see if there were any pics of the actual sculpture i saw but all the related pics were like… the grateful dead lmao

i also saw THIS IN A LIL SHOP BUT LIKE AS A SCULPTURE?? and i think it might be a grateful dead thing but like?? i was so ready to drop 30 dollars on a sculpture of this. this is it this is my aesthetic

ELO - Don't Bring Me Down

ok…. i have to show you guys this cd i got at the thrift store on south street for 50 cents

it’s called The Adventures of Penny and the PineCone People [Dog On the Moon] [A Rock Musical Adventure for Kids and Dogs of All Ages]

"move over rover because this doggie has all the right stuff! when NASA asks the PineCone People to perform a rock concert on the surface of the moon, Penny feels left out, so she teams up with her friends at WDOG (Dog Radio) to build a doghouse rocket and crash the party!!"

featuring hits like “Unidentified Flying Dog Biscuit”, “Stinky Winky Feet”, “PineCone Babies in Outer Space” and of course, the titular “Dog on the Moon”

did u know if you try to type a period in a reply 2 a post on the little slidey pop up blog thing it erases ur whole reply…… why is that